For the fourth successive year, the number of competition rounds played in Australia has risen. more
All Australian golf club members have begun checking their handicap information and scoring history at www.golf.org.au -- the Golf Australia home page. more
Golf Queensland stands ready to help clubs apply for relief from the flood disaster. more
All Australian golf club members will now check their handicap information and scoring history at www.golf.org.au -- the Golf Australia home page. more
With some of the hottest days on record in parts of Australia this summer it’s important for club managers, superintendents and golf shop staff to understand, and avoid the dangers of heat stroke and heat exhaustion for workers, members and the public. more
Mike Orloff, a marketing strategist for the golf industry, as well a US and Australian PGA Member with more than 25 years of industry-wide experience, including 18 years working in senior roles for two of the biggest international golf management companies in Australia and the USA – American Golf Corporation and Clubcorp. more
Golf Australia is pleased to announce Golf Premier League has gone national, with the support of all state and territory golf associations. more
Over 200 golf industry leaders gathered in Melbourne in late July 2016 for the inaugural Golf Business Forum, in what became Australia’s largest ever event for golf industry leaders, facility owners and operators, and their business partners. more
Golf Month 2016 has seen over 1,300 activities and offers promoted across more than 400 golf clubs and facilities around Australia, and the success stories are rolling in. more
More golf clubs are taking advantage of the Australian Sports Foundation’s unique tax deductible status to raise funds for a range of projects. more
In a game-changing move for Australian golf, the commercial rights to Golf Link will return to the sport’s governing body. more
The way members join clubs has changed but are clubs fully adapting to ensure the traditional work of new member assimilation occurs? A new member finding a group to be familiar with within the club has always allowed the best means of assimilation and long term loyalty. more
After a number of years of planning and preparation the Walpole Golf Course is the first eighteen hole course in WA to have synthetic greens. The technology involved in synthetic greens has advanced greatly in the last few years and the greens established at Walpole are state of the art. more
Public Golf Facilities Australia enjoyed a successful launch recently, with over 20 facilities expressing immediate interest in being involved in its inception. more
Below the surface, there is another very important but less obvious factor at work that influences the member experience on a daily basis and ultimately shapes the club’s future; the operational mindset. Are the club’s board, management and members focused on value creation or are they operating in a mode of extreme cost control? more
I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the concept, strategies and tactics of price. My last blog post about bartering revealed (albeit in a tongue-in-cheek fashion) my discomfort with the practice of what I will call “total price abdication through barter.” more
The Golf Business Forum held in Melbourne in late July brought together a fascinating mix of over 200 course owners and operators, council reps, private club managers, social golf club organisers, PGA members, AGCSA reps, course architects, plus a vast array of suppliers providing services and innovation to the industry. more
Golf Month 2016 is fast approaching. With 265 facilities and over 18,000 participants in last year’s campaign, Golf Month once again aims to get more people playing golf around Australia this October. more
Australia’s population is truly diverse. We hail from all corners of the globe and speak more than 260 languages. Half of us were either born overseas or have parents who were born outside Australia. Sport is part of our national identity and well reflected at a local level in our communities. more
One of the best captains I ever worked with had a standard question whenever an issue or concern was brought to his attention: “What’s the policy?” more
When I hear it said there are too many golf courses, what comes to mind is the line from the 1980’s sitcom Different Strokes, “What you talk’n ‘bout, Willis?”. more
Fancy bringing your passion for golf to the Australian public? Read on ... more
Around Australia, golf clubs have the resources to call on Golf Australia or state and territory member associations. more
Five tips for better golf course photos. more
The Australian Golf Industry Council has released its latest National Competition Rounds Report, which shows participation growth continues to remain steady. more
You probably know the feeling of walking into a bar full of members who are grumbling because of a round of golf that went horribly over time. more
Golf Australia and Golf Management Australia (GMA) are throwing their support behind the upcoming 32nd Australian Turfgrass Conference and Trade Exhibition. more
The Australian Sports Foundation is now partnering with Golf Australia’s Club Support to provide tailored tax deductible fundraising assistance for member clubs. more
Sound familiar…..“I was driving past your club in my Porsche 911 and a golf ball went thud on my windscreen putting a big crack in the front.” Or, “I’m a neighbour and I’ve got a golf ball sitting in my kitchen. more
Golf Australia is a proud supporter of the first ever Golf Business Forum to be held on 25 and 26 July in Melbourne. more
October is Golf Month in 2016. With 265 facilities and over 18,000 participants in last year’s campaign, Golf Month will once again look to get more people playing golf at your facility. more
Sporting clubs came into focus recently as part of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse. more
On average 22% of golf club members are aged 25 – 44 years. People in that age bracket form a significant part of Australia’s 800,000 estimated non-club golfers. So, why do clubs struggle to attract these people? more
Further to our articles on looking after new members, a poem. more
Two of America’s best club management experts are coming to Australia. more
More than ever there are opportunities for learning and advancing the golf industry. A calendar of events is being prepared that will give those in the industry with a thirst for knowledge a snapshot of education available. more
It is well established that membership subscriptions are the biggest determinant of the financial health of a club. more
Clubs all over the country are undertaking the club health check tool. It’s a chance to gather two or more club leaders ( such as GM, President/Captain/Treasurer/Committee) for around 20-30 minutes to answer the questions that relate to; vision & mission, governance, culture & leadership and decision making. more
In Part 1, we looked at the remarkable findings of an academic study into Season Ticket Holders (STH) at two AFL clubs. more
Golf Australia is pleased to support the Golf Business Forum 2016, to be held in Melbourne on 25 and 26 July. more
Clubs should be careful not to overplay the financial impact of food and beverage sales on strategy compared the membership which has a much greater impact. more
Holding on is the best way to describe it. Actually, we’re losing more members that we’re gaining, about 30 -40 members a year more than we can replace. more
Golf Australia has thrown its support behind an innovative forum for Australian golf’s largest market segment – public access facilities. more
Clubs, more than ever, are challenged to think beyond the norm and adapt to the needs of the future. This is because change in society is happening faster than ever. But effecting change in clubs can be very difficult. more
So the big day has come. Your visit to the County Court to see what the Judge makes of your efforts on safety in the workplace. more
There’s always clubs doing wonderful things that serve their members and broader communities. Sharing ideas is a way of improving the outcomes for all clubs. We’d love to hear from you. more
The fascinating thing about author Amanda Stevens’ presentation of “She Marketing” at the 2015 GMA Conference was just how much the themes rang true with another message; that of Swing Fit. more
The very first Club Support Review and Workshop was held on 18 November in Melbourne. It was a chance to get the key people delivering club support around the country together in the one room to share experiences of engagement with clubs and improving club viability. more
Jason Day winning the US PGA and having a stellar run of US PGA tour wins to becoming world number 1 was pretty impressive. more
Golf Australia and Qantas Loyalty have teamed up to launch a new participation initiative they hope will bring more people to the game and, in time, become members of traditional golf clubs. more
The National Golf Participation Report is a joint venture between Golf Australia and Golf Management Australia. more
At many clubs, mid-year is the time when annual staff appraisals take place. With staff being the clubs biggest resource and biggest cost, it’s important that managers take annual appraisals seriously and make every to use the process as a tool for improving performance and clarifying roles and goals with the clubs business and strategic plans. more
In the survey of GMA Members prior to the 2015 GMA Conference, membership came up in the top four issues with women’s membership a high issue of importance. more
Finding ways for the estimated 750,000 social golfers in Australia to play more golf is a key driver for Golf Australia. more
At this time of year many clubs will be watching closely as the money flows in for a new subscription year. Subscriptions are the lifeblood of any club. more